The Xbox Series X Fridge is Real and Snoop Dogg Owns It

When Microsoft revealed the look of the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019, the internet all reacted the same. They pointed out the resemblance of the next-gen console and a common household item, a refrigerator.

The long running joke is now reality after Snoop Dogg posted a tweet showing off his new fridge, courtesy of Microsoft. In the now-deleted post which was saved by Wario64, the fridge looks exactly like the outside of the Xbox Series X with a glowing Xbox symbol as well.

Inside the fridge, it was filled with a Xbox Series X birthday cake that read “Happy Birthday to the Xbox OG”, the actual console, gin and orange juice (a nod to his charting song, Xbox-themed jewelry, and even more. While the dream turned into a reality, Snoop isn’t the only one in possession of the Xbox Series X Fridge.

Popular Youtuber iJustine posted a video showing she also received the fridge look-a-like. The video shows Microsoft even included the box art for the console with its packaging. You can check out the video here.

Microsoft definitely took the joke to a whole new level. The company acknowledged the meme during their Inside Xbox showcase back in May. The show opened with the console being a stand-in for Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg’s fridge. The jokes didn’t stop at the Series X though. The internet blew up with memes on the look of the Xbox Series S following its reveal. You can find a great collection of them on this Kotaku article.

While you may never get your hands on the Series X fridge or the Series S hot plate, you can get your hands on the next-gen console from Microsoft soon. The Xbox Series X/S will launch worldwide on November 10.

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