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Press Start believes in reporting accurate gaming news and information gamers want to know. While the organization is in the early stages of developing into a trusted news outlet, it needs the help of dedicated people and writers like you to achieve this goal.

If you are seriously passionate about gaming then you should apply for a writing position here at Press Start.

What we’re looking for:

  • A strong grasp of the English language
  • Good communication skills
  • A positive attitude willing to learn
  • Knowledge on video games, esports, anime, or overall geek culture

You will get extra points if you are/have:

  • A passion for writing, journalism, and sharing information with others
  • Interest in creating YouTube content as well as writing
  • A great personality

This is a volunteer position.

If I apply, what can I expect to do?

Press Start will aim to have you write at least one article a week. Those who show dedication and prove to be trustworthy, can gain additional perks like preview/review copies of games. You will receive training on how to structure articles, research information for accuracy, conduct interviews and the like, but previous experience is a plus. After training, Press Start will assist in finding articles to cover through press releases, social media, and other platforms, but we also want you to be on the lookout and digging for any news pieces you deem important to cover.

If this is a volunteer position, what do I get out of it?

While Press Start is not currently in a position to pay for the work being put in, we aim to find other ways to help you feel rewarded. As stated before, those who show dedication and prove to be trustworthy, can gain access to preview/review copies of games. We also will assist in developing contacts in the industry and help build a portfolio for you to use.

I’m interested. What do I need to provide?

We are glad to hear it! If you want to be considered, we will need you to fill out the form found by going here.

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