Roguelike Silly Polly Beast Announced for PC

2021 continues to be the year of the roguelikes for me. After playing and loving several roguelike titles in the year, a new one catches my interest yet again.

Developer Anji Games announced Silly Polly Beast, a story-driven roguelike will launch for PC on Steam in Q3 2021. No details were released with the game’s announcement, but Steam tags and screenshots indicate it will be a top-down shooter with destructive elements. You can check out the teaser trailer below.

The Steam page lists the following details for the newly announced title in it’s overview:

Freedom is not asked, it is taken.

This story is about a girl who, by the will of fate, faced the beast, and to become free she was forced to study its nature. A story-driven roguelike with aggressive gunfights and terrifying monsters awaits you. How far can you go in the fight for your freedom?”

I admit I feel a desire to play most games I see, so grabbing my interest and being good don’t always go hand-in-hand. However, the art style first grabbed my attention. I find the visuals well done and almost a mixture of water color and claymation. Combine that with the albeit brief, but intriguing description and I’m ready to dive in. Who is the beast and what freedom is the girl seeking? The way the teaser trailer ends also makes me feel we are in for a story centered around life or death and self-discovery. Though I’m nearing my 30s, self-discovery stories really resonate with me as much, if not more than my high school days. You can check out the screenshots below.

Those unaware of Anji Games, the developer created several mobile titles prior to the announcement. Those games include Hellrider 1, 2, and 3, 99 Dead Pirates and Fury Turn. It will be interesting to see how this mobile gaming background plays a roll in their first PC release. Founder and Owner Andrei Chernyshov released several tweets surrounding the game prior to the announcement.

While the game is only announced for PC, Cernyshov responded to one tweet saying the game is being developed for PC and console. No word on what consoles at this time. You can follow updates on the title by checking out the official Twitter page.

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