Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash Quietly Releases in the West

Remember when developer Arika surprised everyone with the release of Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash for Nintendo Switch in Japan? Well we sure do.

Arika said the game would also release in the west in April. Well April came and went, with no release and no announcement of a delay. So you can believe my shock over the weekend when I saw the title on the Nintendo eShop. Arika didn’t even add the Switch’s release to the game’s official announcements on its website, only an image. I quickly downloaded the game and tried it out for myself. The graphics definitely take a hit on the hybrid system (see image below), but I didn’t notice any frame rate issues or stuttering in my short play time.

The characters and arena show noticeable pixels and smudging, but not enough to distract from the action itself. While you’d hope for a little more clarity in graphics, this is likely a necessary downgrade to keep the game running at a steady frame rate for the console. I’ve yet to test the game’s capabilities in handheld mode, so I will update this article if necessary.

As reported on previously, Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash comes as a free download. It features Arcade mode and local offline player with four playable characters. Those wanting to unlock the full game experience must pay $25. Not only will all the modes be playable, but you will also get the entire cast of characters and all color options for each fighter.

Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash is currently available for the Nintendo Switch, while Fighting EX Layer is out for PlayStation 4 and PC. There’s also an Android and iPhone version.

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