ITORAH, Side-scrolling Platformer, Releases Next Month

German indie developer Grimbart Tales announced the release date for its debut title, Itorah, and it’s sooner than you may think.

The developer and publisher Assemble Entertainment revealed today the title will launch on March 21 for Steam and GOG. To coincide with the announcement, the team released a new trailer showing off various bosses in the game.

Itorah Boss Trailer

Itorah draws influence from Meosamerica throughout it’s world and character design. The hand-painted art style looks beautiful with its vibrant colors making each location feel distinct. Grimbart Tales says the metroidvania story centers around a “tragic, bittersweet saga of sacrifice and loss.” The player will tackle the mysterious world of Nahucan with the help of Itorah‘s sentient axe named Koda. While we have not gotten our hands on the game yet, Itorah looks to bring a challenge. We also love the boss design with the spider boss in the trailer really standing out. The way the devs combined its look with those of ancient masks intrigues us for what others may look like. You can learn more about the game by visiting the developer’s blog on Steam.

Here are the key features listed by the developer.

Key Features:

  • Hand-Crafted Quality: Explore a beautiful world inspired by Central and South American landscapes. Each one hand-painted by the team to breathe life into the world of Nahucan
  • Platforming: Itorah will need to keep her jumping and dodging skills as sharp as her axe to conquer increasingly more difficult puzzles and platforming challenges
  • Who’s the Boss: With axe in hand, battle and subdue Nahucan’s voracious fauna through exciting and challenging boss fights
  • Make Friends Along the Way: Meet a variety of odd, quirky characters who may or may not help Itorah on her quest.
  • Captivating Sound Design: ITORAH’s lovingly crafted, dynamic soundtrack invites players to lose themselves in the beauty of Nahucan

Itorah will feature a special “Save the World” edition. This bundle includes the official soundtrack and artbook. 10 percent of proceeds from this bundle will be donated to Survival International, a charity supporting indigenous people worldwide. You can read more about this charity by visiting its website here.

Grimbart Tales announced the title in June 2021. Currently, there is no word if a console version is in development. For those looking for a metroidvania to dive into, check out our thoughts on Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth.

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