Indie RPG The White Raven Kickstarter Launches June 28

It feels like I’ve been following tactical RPG The White Raven for years waiting for the Kickstarter launch. That time is finally coming to an end and fans, like myself, can begin to help see this game come to completion.

The White Raven – Official Teaser Trailer

Signapore indie devs GatherRound Studios announced it will launch the Kickstarter for The White Raven on June 28. Those that support the Kickstarter will receive exclusive goodies ranging from alternate outfits to an in-game statue of themselves and more. The devs say it will also include a ton of new details for those just wanting to see what the game offers. The newsletter also revealed a sneak peak at stretch goals to look forward to during the campaign.

The devs first launched information about the RPG back in 2021. In it, players will play as Jin, a young shaman hellbent on revenge. As with most RPGs, you will come across various characters that join you on your conquest. You can read more about each of these characters on the game’s official website. There’s additional posts showing glimpses of gameplay, art, and inspirations behind the game. The devs hope to combine the strengths of Western and Eastern RPGs. Allowing players to experience compelling storytelling while also having the freedom of choice. The devs cite games like Fire Emblem, Divinity Original Sin II, and Persona 5 as inspirations to The White Raven.

This looks to be an indie game to keep an eye on. The pixel art is well done and the world brings a lot of intrigue. I also love the way you can combine attacks with other party members.

I’ve been waiting for the time to get my hands on the game. With the launch of the Kickstarter, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. The White Raven is currently planned for PC.

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