UPDATE: PlayStation Plus Games For May 2022 Leak Now Confirmed

UPDATE: As predicted, PlayStation confirmed the leaked list of PlayStation Plus Games was indeed true. Check out the original article below.

PlayStation reveals its lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus tomorrow, but we might already know what will be available.

French gaming site Dealslab posted today the games for May will be FIFA 22, Curse of the Dead Gods, and Tribes of Midgard. The leak receives a little more credibility than most as the site has correctly predicted the offerings for several months now. The offerings always spark debate on whether it’s a win or a “L” in the eyes of gamers. You can check out the thread below to gauge how gamers feel for this month.


Here is a quick breakdown of each title in the leak.

PlayStation Plus Offering Summary:


FIFA 22 is the latest release in the long running soccer simulation from EA. It’s very popular across the world and dubbed the “best soccer simulation” by most as its competitor continues to lag behind. (I’m looking right at you eFootball 2022.) While this version didn’t bring anything new to the table outside of its career mode, the game provides an enjoyable experience for hardcore and casual soccer fans alike.

Curse of the Dead Gods

Those that haven’t dove into Hades can get a taste of the roguelike experience in this indie hit. Curse of the Dead Gods nails the fun factor of exploration while making the brutal combat rewarding. Players will continue to dive into the dungeons looking to slay the dead gods and conquer each run. With it being a rougelike, your progress will be lost if you die. However, you will gain skulls to spend on perks to help your next run. It’s a fantastic title that I already own on PC, but highly recommend to anyone to experience.

Tribes of Midgard

The final PlayStation Plus offering is another indie title that brings a bit more mixed feelings. Tribes of Midgard comes from developer Norsfell. This co-op action survival title has you defend your village from monsters, giants, and gods to prevent Ragnarok, the end of the world. You can tackle it solo or with up to nine friends. This also brings roguelike elements, or as they refer to it roguelite. I wanted this title at launch, but held off on it. The game received mix feelings, but generally leans towards positive. I look forward to diving into this one the most, especially with friends to see how it holds up.

We won’t have to wait long to see if these really are the offerings. Look forward to an update to this article tomorrow to confirm the leak or reveal the true lineup.

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