One More Game Podcast – Do We Need a Summer Game Event?

One statement always appeared to be true, Summer is for the gamers. Yet, Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live felt like a dud and in recent years many complained E3 felt like a shell of its former self. So do gamers really need a summer showcase event? Pete and Jeremy both say yes, but their reasons why differ on the One More Game Podcast.

Timestamps as follows:

00:00 Opening
04:05 What Have You Been Playing Lately?
16:55 Do Gamers Need A Summer Gaming Event?
36:55 Big Companies Fear Being Forgotten
44:46 Build Your Perfect Event
58:50 Upcoming Releases
1:03:36 Closing

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NOTE: This was recorded on June 10, before other showcases went on due to Jeremy leaving for vacation. So Xbox/Bethesda and other showcases are not discussed in this episode.

Jeremy Culver is the founder and owner of Press Start. He's been playing games since as long as he can remember with his favorite series being Final Fantasy. You can send him news tips by emailing

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