A Way to be Dead Reveal Trailer Shows Three Sides of Horror

Four surivivors walk out into hallway to begin the game.

Dead by Daylight fans may want to keep their attention on an upcoming indie title that looks to take the genre a step forward.

Indie developers Crania Games revealed a trailer for their upcoming title A Way to be Dead. The game pits four players against one in this multiplayer horror game. Four players will control survivors in a zombie filled hospital while another controls Dr. Riley, who tries to hunt them down.

Fans of the asymmetrical multiplayer genre are familiar with the premise, but Crania Games plans to take it a step further than DBD. When players die in A Way To Be Dead, they respawn as a zombie and seek out those still alive.

The game’s Steam page shows players will experience different pre-designed paths that change between sessions, allowing them to see a different part each game. The game includes a progression system where characters can improve using therapy points. These points are earned by winning a session. Characters can only carry one item at a time. So it may be important to stick with other survivors. Finally, it says players can customize the matches to their liking. This includes how long until the lights shut off, the number of zombies, loot chances, number of exits and more.

A Way to be Dead takes place in another Crania Games title, Roots of Insanity. The game released in 2017 and received a remake in October 2020. In it, you play as Dr. Riley who finds himself in an unfamiliar place having to deal with epileptic attacks and decipher what is real. Those who own the game will be able to purchase the A Way to be Dead at a special price upon its release.

A Way to be Dead currently does not have a release date, showing only a “coming soon” designation.

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