Animal Crossing Fans Rejoice! New Content Coming Soon

Animal Crossing fans begged for content throughout 2021 with little in return. That’s going to change soon after the announcements at today’s Animal Crossing Direct.

Nintendo announced a number of new additions coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons. This includes both a free update and a new DLC called Happy Home Paradise which launches on November 5 for $24.99. The paid expansion will also be available for free to subscribers of the newly announced Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion tier. Check out the trailer introducing the new DLC below.

With the game’s final free update, players will see new facilities, characters, and support from Resident Services. This also brings back a beloved and highly requested character from Animal Crossing’s past, Brewster. Here are a few of those new features and activities you will see on November 5:

Enjoy a hot cup of Joe with friends in The Roost.

Animal Crossing New Horizon Free Update Details

  • Brewster Will Open a Café – The quiet proprietor Brewster will open the Roost after you fulfill a certain favor for museum director Blathers. The Roost is a new location to take a relaxing break in and enjoy some hand-selected coffee. If you use the amiibo phone inside the café, you can invite other characters to join you by using compatible amiibo cards.
  • Take a Boat Tour With Kapp’n – Kapp’n hangs out at the pier and will take you to one of the remote islands on his boat. You may see islands with mysterious flora, or islands with different seasons and times of day. What kind of mysteries await?
  • Unearth Gyroids – Don’t just dig for fossils anymore. Now you can find gyroids! Each gyroid plays unique sounds and can even be customized to match their surroundings when you place them on your island!
  • Shop at the Open Market on Harv’s Island – Harv’s Island is getting a makeover. With a little help from his friend Harriet, Harvey is inviting some shops to the island for an open market. Contribute Bells to the cause to help make it happen! Familiar visitors on your island like Redd, Saharah and Kicks will have shops here now, and a host of others will set up shop too. It’s time to shop till you drop!
  • Get Cooking – Cooking will be added to DIY recipes. After growing vegetables in your garden like tomatoes, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes and carrots, you can combine your harvest or other ingredients and fill up your dining table with delicious looking dishes.
  • Further Support to Your Island Life – Nook, Inc. will offer further support for your island life. From group stretching at the plaza and bigger home storage, to the Resident Representative being able to establish ordinances like reducing the rate at which weeds grow or making all the residents get up early in the morning, there are more options to help you enjoy and adjust the island to fit your lifestyle.

Animal Crossing New Horizon Happy Home Paradise DLC Details

  • Work With Lottie as a Member of the Paradise Planning Team – Clients with different dream vacation requests will visit a new resort area located in an archipelago, made up of several different islands, where the Paradise Planning team is located. You can talk to a client, get the details, and make their dreams happen!
  • Design Dream Vacation Homes – After choosing a location for your client, start designing the interior! As you continue designing, you’ll acquire various design techniques, from changing the home’s structure, to adding counters, ambient lighting, and soundscapes to add depth to the room design, and more.
  • Make Remodeling and Roommate Recommendations – As you gain experience as a designer, your word carries more weight. Make more suggestions like remodeling the vacation homes of clients you’ve helped previously with new furniture. You can even go further by recommending two clients share a room together as roommates.
  • Design Facilities – There are several vacant buildings on the new islands. Help Lottie make the island more robust and developed with facilities like a school, restaurant, and more.
  • Get Inspiration From the Happy Home Network – Capture photos of the vacation homes you design and save them to your catalog. Upload them to the in-game Happy Home Network app in your NookPhone and even view examples of designers from all over the world!
  • Use amiibo To Invite More Clients – If you use the current Animal Crossing series amiibo accessories, you can invite a specific client to discuss their vacation home. With amiibo, you can even design the vacation homes of busy individuals like Isabelle and Timmy & Tommy!
  • Bring Your Techniques Back to the Main Island – Bring the techniques you obtained through the Paradise Planning team to your home island. Perhaps this will be a great opportunity for you to overhaul the design of your own home. Give island residents a certain souvenir, and they might be interested in what the vacation homes have to offer.

More Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Incoming

Who says Animal Crossing fans have enough amiibo cards? Not the fans, that’s for sure. Starting November 5, a new set of Animal Crossing amiibo cards will launch in select stores. Each pack will cost $5.99 and include six cards. A total of 48 characters will be featured in the new series. This includes new characters and characters never seen in amiibo card form before. The NookLink service in the Nintendo Switch Online app will also receive an update on November 5. This update adds more in-game items that can be redeemed with Nook Points. It also brings a new island newspaper detailing events on your island each day.

You can check out the full Animal Crossing Direct below and at the official Animal Crossing New Horizon webpage.

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