PSWF Explodes in Action and the Views Show it

Press Start looked to start a new endeavor recently. Put on amazing virtual wrestling actions for fans to enjoy every week. Press Start Wrestling Federation, or PSWF for short, sprouted from this idea and already establishing itself as quite the pull on YouTube.

PSWF Adrenaline Episodes

Since the show’s launch, PSWF Adrenaline amassed over 450 views, with a number of dedicated fans. The roster comprises wrestlers created by fans of Press Start with story lines built each week. We use WWE 2K22 Universe Mode to create each episode commentated by myself and friend of the channel, Kyle Gloria. It not only includes in-game action, but real life promos shot and aired during each episode.

We hope you’ll want to check out what we’ve built thus far. The show’s not stopping anytime soon with the excitement building each week. If you’d like to see a sample of the action, look no further than this promo.

So be sure to check out PSWF Adrenaline every Thursday at 2 pm PT / 4 pm CT / 5 pm ET. If you want to stay even closer to the action, join the PSWF group page on Facebook. There you will find posts updating how shows are going, polls, and more to keep you engaged.

Jeremy Culver is the founder and owner of Press Start. He's been playing games since as long as he can remember with his favorite series being Final Fantasy. You can send him news tips by emailing

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