Neoverse Releases on Switch, PS4 Version Coming Next Month

Gamers can start building decks and duking it out as attractive female leads on the go starting today.

Publisher NeoBricks and developer Tino Gamez announced the release of Neoverse for the Nintendo Switch with a new trailer. Switch users can buy the game for $24. Those on PlayStation 4 will need to continue to wait until sometime in February.

While the cover art may lead you to believe otherwise, Neoverse is a roguelite, deck building game involving time warping and space traveling. The developers say it features over 300 cards and over 100 skills for players to develop their own strategies on how to save Neoverse. With being a roguelite, players will experience different battles and paths each time they play. Tino Gamez says this allows for different challenges and forces the player to test new combinations.

The game released for Steam on February 18, 2020 and later for Xbox One and Game Pass on December 17. While I’ve yet to play the game, the game received very positive reviews by Steam users. Many compare the game to Slay the Spire, another popular roguelite deck builder that can be found on Xbox Game Pass.

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