Pokemon Legends: Arceus Displays Desire for Open-World Title

Game Freak came out swinging with today’s Pokemon Presents 2021 showcase. My only prediction that came true was seeing news about the upcoming New Pokemon Snap title for the Nintendo Switch. I thought we would then see more on the MOBA Pokemon Unite and maybe another mobile title. Past that, I had a fleeting wish for seeing the next mainline entry in the series. Little did I know we’d see the rumored remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Yet, even those don’t feel like the biggest announcement of the event. Pokemon Legends: Arceus appears to hold that title given the posts on social media.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus is an action-RPG open-world title set in the Sinnoh Region many years prior to Diamond and Pearl. Players set out to create Sinnoh’s first Pokedex and will feature Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott as the starters. While these starters do not originate in the Sinnoh region, it is said a certain professor brought them there. The Pokemon Company showed off some gameplay for this upcoming title where could see the ability to dive, crouch, and even catch Pokemon without having to battle. The world’s setting and gameplay looked inspired by that of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I couldn’t help but be at awe seeing this refreshing new take on the games I love. Looking at Twitter, I’m not alone.


Saving best for last

I’m not downplaying the excitement Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl brought. Fans begged for this remake for years and Game Freak finally responded. These entries bring me joy as I never played either of these titles. I quit playing Pokemon after Ruby and didn’t return to the franchise until X and Y. Now I finally can experience the story and lore of these two beloved entries. Yet, there’s a reason The Pokemon Company announced Legends last. They knew it would generate a larger buzz than remakes of older titles. It also shows the strong desire for the franchise to take a step in a new direction with the series going to home console, albeit a hybrid one. Tomorrow will mean 25 years has passed for the franchise. If this direct reveals anything, it’s the franchise shows no sign of slowing down. I am all for it and look forward to these new entries and where it goes from here.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl will release for the Nintendo Switch in late 2021. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will release for the Nintendo Switch in early 2022.

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