Watch Dogs Legion Online Update Available for Console, Delayed for PC

Gamers can tackle the streets of London together, fighting back against Albion, starting today. Well, at least on console that is.

Ubisoft released the long awaited online mode for Watch Dogs Legion for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Stadia. The mode allows friends to tackle cooperative missions, take on new Tactical Ops, and compete in the PvP Spiderbot Arena. PC players will have to wait for a bit though as it has been delayed.

On Watch Dogs Legion’s Twitter, it revealed there were several issues identified on PC that could cause the game to crash for players with certain GPUs. The team made the decision to delay its release, but gave no date as to when. The Tactical Op, similar to a raid, also got delayed due to a game crashing bug. It will not be playable on console until March 23. Finally, The PS4/5 version will see limited in-game text chat as Ubisoft works on a fix. They anticipate the fix to come alongside the launch of the Tactical Op on March 23.

What does “Online” include?

Ubisoft published a video giving an overview of the online mode recently, which you can check out below. Online is standalone from the main campaign. Players are tasked with recruiting new members to DedSec and upgrade their skills overtime. Players earn influence points to be used to upgrade gadgets, weapons, and hacks. It can even be used to recruit a character straight away. Online will features seasons which will see rewards earned by ranking up through daily and weekly challenges. Co-op missions can be tackled with up to four players with a variety of tasks. Tactical Ops can be tackled with teams of three or four. They feature five challenges that must be tackled in progression. If a single member dies, the mission restarts. No need to worry about communicating with friends though. It features an in-game voice chat to coordinate for some of the more difficult objectives.

Title update 3.20 released yesterday to prepare for today’s online mode launch. This fixed several bugs for the single player campaign as well as general game improvements.

I am excited to see how the online mode shapes the game moving forward. The design doesn’t appear to have players living concurrently in the online world like Grand Theft Auto Online. However, it looks to provide some fun and challenging missions that could breath longevity into it. Those interested in hopping in could be in luck. Watch Dogs Legion frequently goes on sale for various retailers which could help save on your wallet.

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