PlayStation 5 Update Releases Tomorrow, Includes USB Storage Option

The first major PlayStation 5 update hits the servers tomorrow, bringing several improvements including USB storage for PS5 games.

Sony announced in a blog post that, starting tomorrow, gamers can transfer PS5 games to a USB extended storage and copy them back when you are ready to play. While you still can’t play off extended storage, it does expand the capacity to hold games without the need to delete them. Sony says the method of transferring off and on is much faster than re-downloading or copying the game from a disc.

Image via PlayStation

Because PS5 games are designed with the console’s ultra high-speed SSD in mind, games cannot be played directly from extended storage. It’s also important to note you cannot directly download a PS5 title to a USB drive nor will the games automatically update. They will, however, automatically update when you transfer them back to the console. Finally, you can also move parts of a game to the USB or back to the console if the game supports it.

Gamers expressed concerns over the latest system’s lack of storage with no real way to expand it at launch. While the Xbox Series uses a proprietary 1 TB SSD that costs $220, Sony has yet to release something similar. Sony announced previously the console will support M.2 drives in the future, but that isn’t ready yet.

“We’re currently working on this feature and will keep you posted with any updates on PlayStation Blog,” PlayStation’s Hideaki Nishino said in the post.

Other Features Coming In Latest Update

The update doesn’t just include the storage options. Sony also announced cross-generation Share Play debuts in the update. PS5 players can now use the feature with their friends on PS4 allowing them to play along or even take over the game. Share Play was introduced with the PS4 and I found it as a valuable way to test out games friends owned before committing to buying the game myself.

Some other additions in the update include: a “Request to Join” option on PS4 and PS5, an improved Game Base menu, new trophy settings and stats screen, and several others. You can read more about them in the PlayStation Blog post.

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