Tormented Souls Gameplay Video Released, PC Closed Beta Announced

Those longing for the return of old school horror games will want to check out Tormented Souls and can do so soon.

Publisher PQube and developers Dual Effect and Abstract Digital Works released a nine-minute gameplay video for the upcoming survival horror game. Tormented Souls draws inspiration from the original Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark series. It’s easy to spot the influence in the trailer with a fixed camera angle and puzzle solving mechanics. You can check out the gameplay video below.

Beta Incoming

Those interested in playing the upcoming title will be happy to know a closed beta will be held on PC starting May 1. Players can sign up for the beta by visiting the link here. Publisher PQube will select players at random and plans to accommodate as many people as possible. The keys will be active for 10 days following the start of the beta before going dark. It’s important to note the beta will be under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) so footage, screenshots, and discussions on the game are prohibited.

The indie title centers around main character Caroline Walker. Here is what the developers say about the game.

Something Evil Lurks at Winterlake

While investigating the disappearance of twin girls at Winterlake – something terrible happens to Caroline Walker. Waking in the dead of night, naked in a bathtub – and hooked up to some decrepit medical equipment, Caroline must fight for her life as she explores the halls of an abandoned Mansion turned hospital.

Dark forces and unspeakable horrors will do everything in their power to stop Caroline getting to the truth. Use anything and everything that you can find to fight back against the evils that wait in the darkness.

Scavenge essential resources and tools, decipher clues from long-forgotten journals, and combine it all to solve fiendish puzzles and unravel the secrets of the mansion-turned-hospital.

Nothing is quite as it seems at Winterlake. Mirrors provide a path to an alternate reality and another place in time. By crossing these shimmering gateways, Caroline can manipulate the very fabric of reality in surprising ways – turning the situation to her advantage.

The mansion may seem abandoned, but as Caroline investigates its secrets, dark forces and unspeakable horrors will do everything in their power to stop her getting to the truth. Be sure to be alert at all times, and use anything you can find to fight off the encroaching terrors of Winterlake.

Can Caroline Walker escape with the truth? Will she escape with her life?

Despite not being the prettiest game set to release this year, Tormented Souls looks fantastic overall. As the first title from Dual Effect Games, the title displays engaging puzzles and environments. I would believe a former Resident Evil dev helped put the game together if someone told me so. Tormented Souls could be a surprise hit in 2021 among the genre’s fans.

Tormented Souls releases sometime in 2021 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Switch and PC via Steam. You can keep up on the game by wishlisting it on Steam or following the game’s social channels.

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